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Why it's important?

HSR Air Duct Cleaning

If it’s been a while since your last air duct cleaning, you’re probably tempted to get someone to sanitize those ducts so you’ll get cool air throughout your home in the spring and summer.

When you call on us, you’ll receive an expert technician, professional equipment, and amazing service. Our professionals have spent years within the industry, honing their craft so that your ducts are cleaned safely and to a high standard.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Whether it is air ducts or dryer vents, we have the know-how to get the job done. Let our friendly sales staff give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Having your ducts cleaned will ensure your home, business, or commercial property is maintained and safe for everyone.

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When / How?

WHen is the right time & How it's done

It’s not always easy to know if it’s time to replace your home’s ducts & vents. First, you have to identify them as the source of your problems to begin with. Second, you have to decide among cleaning, repair, and replacement as the option that makes the most sense.

It will depend on the types of ducts/vents you have, as well as on their condition, when making this decision. The location of the problem vents and duct work and the cost of fixing that problem relative to the cost savings to be had from fixing it – that also has to be estimated and taken into account.

Before cleaning a duct/vent, you first want to identify the source of the dust and dirt. If there is an air leak or draft of some kind, that should be dealt with first so the cleaning job won't be done in vain.

If your building is relatively new, and yet, your vents and duct system are very dirty, it could be the builder was running the heat/AC without filters during construction. In that case, you might just need a one-shot cleaning.

If, however, there are air leaks, they have to be sealed. We can find them through a blower door test and eliminate the problem.

If you have flex duct material, cleaning of dirt and debris is simply enough (with the right tools), but significant mold growth could mean it's time to toss the old and invest in the new. Duct board, metal duct work and vents, plastic, and other materials all vary in how they respond to different levels of contamination - so it takes some experience to really know if a vent or duct material can be saved on not.

In some cases, there's more wrong with your ducts and/or vents than just being dirty, but not enough to merit throwing them away and buying new.

We can run a duct work pressure test to see if your duct work has leaks and how serious the leakage is. Duct work has to be fully sealed in order to get maximum output from an AC or heating system - so sealing is one major area of possible repairs with duct work.

Your ducts and/or vents may also need to be insulated or re-insulated if the old insulation is ruined OR if it doesn't have a high enough R-value (R 4 through 8 is usually sufficient in Southern California).

In other cases, duct systems and vents in a home may be so poorly engineered that they need to be, in large part, re-done - but a lot of the same vents and materials can be re-used. Or, additional vents may simply have to be added in strategic locations. It all depends and varies on a case by case basis.

Finally, there are instances where full duct work and ventilation system replacement is highly recommended. 

There are some vents/ducts that are simply too dirty to clean - or at least, it wouldn't be worth the time, effort, and expense to go ahead and clean them. If mold is a problem, the danger of mold returning on a badly contaminated vent may mean you're better off just replacing it with a new one.

It's rare to need to replace metal duct work - it can almost always be cleaned if you have the right tools and experience. Fiber board duct work and especially plastic, are much more likely to need full replacement.

Replacing old vents and duct work can be a large project, and if work must be done in less accessible spaces (attic, crawl space, inside of ceilings and walls), that adds labor and expense to the task. Vents and duct work may have to be removed and re-installed in an extensive, building-wide, circuit that services each room of the house. And plaster or drywall may have to be cut into to properly place all the vents and duct work.

Depending on the size of the house and the amount of material to be replaced, it could easily take 3 to 4 days to complete a full duct and vent replacement project.

Both supply and return vents may need to be replaced to ensure your duct work system is working at its best in heating/cooling your home.

It's important to understand that when your AC is on during those hot L.A. summers, it's not only blowing cool air through the ducts and into each room, but it's also drawing air out of each room at the same time. You can't neglect either type of vent - supply vents that bring the conditioned air and return vents that keep the air circulating can both get dirty and may need to be replaced.

Return vents and supply vents are both covered openings in your walls, but the return vents are generally quite a bit larger. Air moves in faster but out slower, in through a small vent but out through a large one. This keeps things balanced and keeps the air temperatures as even as possible throughout a room.

It often happens that either a supply or return vent is so dirty as to be "clogged" like a slow-moving drain. Or, it's also common for homes to simply lack a sufficient number of these vents or the right kind for optimal performance. Your airflow and comfort level, as well as your energy bill and environmental footprint, all depend on proper ventilation, so it's well worthwhile to clean, repair, or replace all problem vents and duct work.

Once common reason to get all new duct work and supply and return vents in a house is that you've just bought a new air conditioning and/or heating system and you want it to perform at its very best.

If you match an old, dirty, worn down ventilation system with a brand new, highly energy efficient AC unit, for example, you are causing your AC to fall short of its true energy saving potential. 

You don't have to automatically replace vents and ducts just because you have a new HVAC unit. If your existing system works fine, you may be able to simply plug the new AC/heater into it. But, if the ventilation is getting a bit "edgy" already, many people feel it makes sense to go ahead and replace the whole system all at once and enjoy maximum energy efficiency and the lowest possible energy bill.

There's no single formula for determining how much it will cost to replace or upgrade your home or business property's duct work and vents. The size of the building (in cubic feet of heated/cooled living space), the location of the vents/ducts to be removed and installed, the number of vents and the linear footage of duct work needed, and the particular choice of materials and products all factor into the price.

Local building codes also mean that the cost can vary from locale to locale and region to region. And permit fees may also apply.

And whether or not you choose to insulate your duct work also has an impact on the final quote.

It's not uncommon for a full duct work replacement job on an average sized California home to run from $3,000 to $5,000. And it can be more if ducts have to be networked around trusses, if you have to repair walls, ceilings, and floors extensively following installation, of it a building is relatively large.

At HSR, we can give you a general quote over the phone based on information you give us about the job to be performed. A closer quote may require an inspection of the job site. 

In all cases, we give you a free, accurate, upfront quote with no hidden "surprise" fees. We offer you competitive, affordable rates and put pride and true workmanship into everything we do. We doubt you'll be able to find a better price for the level of service we bring, anywhere in the S.F.  Area or throughout all of Northern California.

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